Natural unbleached OULU brand bamboo tissue paper

The prominent advantages of the OULU bamboo tissue are: environmental protection, health, comfort and safety.

1.Environmental protection:Drawn from the natural bamboo of Sichuan province,it can be used every year after planting into forests,which can be used as "inexhaustible and inexhaustible",thus guaranteeing the sustainable use of raw materials and not causing damage to the ecology.

2.Healthy:Neosinocalamus Affinis fibers include "bamboo quinone" substance,which is confirmed by national authoritative organization that has antibacterial and antibacterial effects,the bamboo fibers can antistatic and relieve itching,it contains rich bamboo elements and negative ions,which has the effects of anti-aging,radiation and prevent cancer,this is healthier than other kind of tissue paper.

3.Comfort:The bamboo has slender Bamboo fibers with big fibrous pore,which has good function of permeability and adsorption,and also can quickly absorb oil,dirt and other pollutants.Besides,the wall of bamboo fiber tube is thicker,which is flexible,tactile and comfortable,it has soft skin feelings when touching.

4. Safety:100% no chemical fertilizers and pesticides,the entire produce process is adopting physical pulping and unbleached process,which can ensure the tissue paper has no chemical,pesticide,heavy metals and other toxic and harmful residues.Also the products have been approved by the international authoritative test organization SGS,the tissue paper are not contain the poisonous and harmful elements and carcinogens,it's more safety to use for consumers.

Bamboo facial tissue

Necessity for living room , the extraction type is convenient, no powder or allergy, unbleached with natural color, care for the family healthy.

Bamboo toilet tissue paper

Unbleached bamboo paper,soft skin and easily to dissolve,not obstructed,moderate size, sufficient volume, which is necessary for daily life.

Mini handkerchief tissue

Mini handkerchief tissue,best suitable for outdoor sports relaxing time,not easily to break when getting wet,soft skin touch feeling.

Natural bamboo kitchen paper

Super absorption of water and oil,European Union FDA contact food certification, safety to wrap the food.

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