2013 is the year for startups

2013 has quickly become a great year for startups. Innovative startups have launched some of the best apps i’ve seen in recent years and also platforms are launching or strengthening to provide startups with great tools to support their new ventures.

I’ve been involved with the startup scene for a while and this site is nearing its first anniversary, we’ve shared knowledge, interviews and reviews covering a wide range of business information for entrepreneurs and startups.

A startup i’m involved with launches next week and from being in that environment as well as running this site, i can promise you i really do walk the talk. I use tools and products that make things easier, simpler, faster and better.

We are now 3 weeks into the second month of the year and i’ve seen enough to be excited for 2013, not only that but some of  the newly available  products out there really do have benefits for entrepreneurs and new businesses.


I wanted to share 5 new tools I’m currently using, starting with the newest…


The Sunrise app (www.sunrise.am) launched on the 19th of February 2013, and was created by some of the original designers on Foursquare.

This app excites me because of the app Mailbox below. Both apps don’t change the fundamentals of the calendar (Sunrise) or email (mailbox) but how we interact with them.
Sunrise hits an untouched function of the smartphone, something that has bugged myself and I know has annoyed others… the calendar.
Facebook, Google, Linkedin and many others all have calendars, however to connect them all, to link them to  your phone, to browse, create, edit etc  has never been developed like this before.
I’ve only been using it since last night but from what I have seen… it is already clear to me that Sunrise has one of the most beautiful interfaces I have ever seen, both set up and functionality seems very simple.

This app has huge potential and excites me because its beautiful and simple to use, its similar in a way to another app that’s already seen huge success launching in 2013….


Mailbox has had huge hype after realising a teaser video on their website www.mailboxapp.com at the end of January, however has not been in the app store for long, I believe it was on there as of last week (Feb 8th 2013).
Mailbox changes the way you deal with email, see video below. i wrote an article about mailbox that you can read here.


SunZu.com is the latest and most exciting social media platform to launch for businesses. SunZu went into beta on the 31st of January 2013.

SunZu plans to be the next big social business network with dozens of useful business articles already being posted daily, local events (networking and seminars) throughout the UK and indeed in other countries all over the world as well.

You see SunZu.com is new, however it was built after they acquired ecademy.com. Ecademy started in the early 1990’s and grew a membership base of 600,000 registered users. with a huge database, years of activity and content behind it Sunzu already is a huge platform even though it’s just a couple of weeks old.

Google already gives SunZu a page rank of 5 (good) and indexes nearly 1 million pages! So as a user posting articles, or a business advertising and trading on their the power of SunZu means it doesn’t take long to rank highly on Google yourself.

From what ive seen and indeed what i know, SunZu not only has a great foundation but also a very good owner and funds to make this as big as LinkedIn. LinkedIn grows your network… but SunZu also grows you and your business.


In early 2012 (April/May) WeVideo took giant steps in becoming a great tool teaming up with Google, in particular Google drive (cloud platform).
This tool has only just (Feb 2013) reached its major milestone where WeVideo.com now has one unified cloud-platform with:

  • a on-line editor supporting three editing mode (Storyboard mode, Timeline mode and Advanced mode) and where the editing modes can be switch between, at any time
  • a central hub for all users where they can collaborate, manage their media and set up their account
  • theme capabilities to style videos – including grading, transitions, titles, lower thirds and music
  • API’s so that third-parties can use the SDK to integrate editors into their existing services
  • loud connectors for the most widely used cloud storage services so that existing content libraries can be used in the edits and final videos can be published back

Their really is no better video tool out there like this and it even rivals, and (in my opinion) beats what’s available on/for apple products.

I’ve used this recently for personal use and for start-up videos and love how easy it makes the average office setup, and people with little experience seem Professional.


As a start-up its sometimes hard to know where to start online. There are so many apps, platforms and software available it’s hard to know what to use and why.
BestVendor.com gets entrepreneurs and start-ups that have been there and done it, trailed what’s available and already found what is best. Not only that they use the data (recommendations, ratings, reviews, feedback etc) and allow you to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for.

I wrote an article on BestVendor that you can read here.

Here are 5 of my favourite lists on BestVendor showing what apps and tools people use for Marketing, management, setting up and finances for your startup.

Finally id like to highlight something i’ve been using for a couple of years that keeps getting better and better and enhances both me and my activities.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a browser that a majority of you guys will be using, if you don’t… please try it. You may not get on with it from day one (i say this because it took my dad some time), but when used regularly and once you’ve downloaded a few apps and tools, Google Chrome really is a bare essential for any entrepreneur and indeed all startups.

I use Chrome for hours every day and use tools like these to collaborate and function. I recently purchased a Chromebook and hands down I can honestly say its been the best buy in years. Value for money it’s just insane how much I use it, what i use it for and more importantly what it allows me to do.

Even if the worst is to happen it costs just £225/$249 to replace it. Everything is saved online and linked to my work desktop as well, so for me its a no brainer.

If you use chrome for more than just browsing consider it, if you’re an entrepreneur on a budget consider everything above, if you’re a startup and looking for tools to collaborate on the go, in the office, at home, halfway around the world, cheaply, with ease, and like Pro’s consider it. If you’re an individual wanting to make life easier, quicker and simple consider all of the above.

Whatever you’re doing, whoever you are, I hope you will try at least one of these new startups. The first two are really for on the go (Smartphones), and the rest for computers.

These new startups need your interest and support, and i simply would not highlight them unless i strongly felt  you would also benefit from them as well.


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