Twitter management – Beauty and the Beast

I sit here frustrated. I am frustrated for two reasons, firstly myself and second a beautifully designed social media tool.

I am talking about Sprout Social, I’m sure there are people reading this thinking wait a minute this management tool has saved them so much time on-line, and is so user friendly that they spend more time on it than on their actual Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Right so here’s my thing, I saw Sprout Social and thought wow! I saw that it is a paid membership tool (not good), but they offer a month free trail so I thought I’d take a look.  I signed up and my first impressions where very good (another wow). I browsed its functions added my Twitter account and I must say it is very well designed and the layout is great.

Me being me, I tested the site and its functions I set up tweets to go out for a week at different times though-out the day. I also took notes for new followers, every mention, re-tweet etc and it all started to go wrong……

I waited a week (as it needs time anyway to collect data from Twitter), however it was clear I did not really need to compare figures.

Now Sprout Social show statistics in a very pretty, graphical fashion, however it really bugs me that apparently 100% of youngstapreneur’s followers are female, and my twitter follower count was 27 out. The second of these you may think… ok so there’s a delay in collecting the data, but! the gender of all followers being female???

Also if this was a free thing you’d say, ok that’s fine this site has all these features I can use, this one thing may sort itself out… But the cheapest option is  ( a not very clearly displayed) $9 per month and up to hundreds ($899) per month. Stuff like this has got to be right first time, don’t forget I’m trailing this site, so I am a potential customer.

To Sprout Socials credit, I mentioned this to them on Twitter and there help desk did fix it within two days. ANYWAY…

The main reason I am frustrated is because I went against everything I (normally) do, everything I believe in. During my time on Twitter I was invited by a start up to trail a future site. My inner geek loves stuff like this, so, i said yes and I was invited to trail their beta site. I’m talking about a site called Firstly good name right…. Like Sprout Social it’s a Twitter management tool. Unlike Sprout Social, currently it only is a Twitter management tool.

It is focused on being just a Twitter tool and more importantly it works and works brilliantly.

I don’t know why but I only spent around two days on the site. I thought it was good, it worked, but the site lacked in charm and was very simple.

My frustration is that simple is good! And simple works.

After trailing Sprout Social, I noticed on twitter that was going public, and it hit me. What a great site, and, it bloody is too.

Looks wise it is very simple and boring to look at, but it does do everything you would want from a Twitter management site. I am so frustrated because… I let beauty distract me from the beast. This tool is great and I am so happy it has gone public it really is a must, and.. right now it’s FREE too.

The site is aimed at businesses and professionals, and I feel probably because it offers these too categories the best Twitter management tool on the web, however it works really well for anyone too. It’s a community driven, relationship building, and management masterpiece.

Sharel Omer the company’s CEO and co founder says “the aim is to bring focus and clarity to businesses that use social media for maintaining relationships, keeping the personal aspect of it while attaining clear ROI and work processes.”

How it works

The problem with Twitter is that all statuses are treated as equal – meaning that engagement from influencers have the same visibility for you as a random mention, and this makes it difficult to prioritise your efforts. In addition, tweets lack relationship context – how many times you engaged with this person in the past? What did you talk about a month ago?  Questions that businesses struggle with everyday. solves these pinpoints by bringing priority and context, which are inherent to real-world relationships, to Twitter.

How relationship management works in

The dashboard to simple and easy to use, however behind the scenes the tool works to analyse relationships. You can see how it works in three steps.


Step 1: incoming engagements are prioritised – easily focus on your high-value members – top influencers that drive awareness, top supporters that spread your word, most engaged members, potential leads.

Step 2: relationship context in a glance – quickly scan through members in each list and see your relationship status, total number of engagements made, number of times they mention items you monitor.

Step3: full relationship history with a member – highlighting a member reveals full relationship history – all mutual engagements ever made (including all mentions, replies, retweets and DM’s), since when you have been following each other. turns the stream-oriented world of Twitter to a relationship-oriented dashboard, yielding significant benefits.

- Focus on your high value members: top influencers that drive awareness, supporters that spread your word, most engaged members and potential leads.

- Actionable insights to build meaningful relationships: full engagement history with each member, members most-used hash tags, who to follow / who to re-engage.

- Stress-free social productivity: not another twitter client with an endless stream of messages – analyses relationships and helps to focus on relevant people, not statuses.

Social media has removed barriers in creating new business relationships, and Twitter makes it easier than ever to connect with anyone. But the chaotic and disruptive nature of Twitter creates a huge challenge for businesses to leverage its potential and put all of the relationships into business context. This is why for businesses that grow and rely on building and maintaining relationships with their customers, prospects, and partners, relationship management has become more important than ever. is the first solution that fuses community management, CRM and lead generation in a way that enables businesses-focused, relationship management on Twitter. was founded in 2011 and they have been refining the product for over a year. Already having many paying customers for the Pro and corporate tiers, went public this week and is available to anyone. I have talked with CEO Sharel Omer on design and if an App would be available soon. My two main concerns are the design and lack of an App might fail to impress and entice  new traffic, Mr Omer assures me both are something is currently working on.


  1. Hey there! Very sorry that you experienced a bug during your trial, definitely not typical. Happy to hear our support team was able to squash it quickly though and hopefully won’t happen again. Understand we can’t be the perfect fit for everyone, but appreciate you giving us a whirl and sharing your thoughts on Sprout Social!

  2. thanks for the tip about!

  3. Hi, thank you for this great post!
    Loved the personal story you told, and your coverage of benefits. Being called a beast is a great compliment! But while we may not be the prettiest app out there, our users report that they enjoy the simple and intuitive UX. So “user-friendly beast” seams like a good fit :)

    Our goal in is to help all of us who use Twitter for business to be able to build and nurture relationships, and escape a rat race of endless answering to messages and distractions. It’s enough to login a couple of times to, and look at the “recent and prioritized” feed to know you have handled all that is important.

    Thank you again, and I welcome all your readers to try us out. It’s very simple to sign-up and start building community :)

    • In the Disney cartoon ‘beauty and the beast’ the beast has a lot more to him then it first seems. Also powerful tools, car etc could be ‘beasts’. It’s not a bad thing at all.
      Thank you for reading the post and glad you enjoyed it.

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